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Sep 20,2014
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"Tetsuya Nomura leaves Final Fantasy XV…"


"…to focus on Kingdom Hearts 3"


Sep 19,2014
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Herein we see a stronger Yuri Lowenthall chasing a weaker Yuri Lowenthall.

When the Stronger Yuri Lowenthall  catches his pray, he shall bite his neck, killing the weaker Yuri Lowenthall and  establishing his dominance as the Alpha Yuri Lowenthall to his pack.

Isn’t nature amazing?



Sep 17,2014
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Sep 17,2014
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After 6 years of using this program I finally figured this out, so I decided to share the technique. IDK, it sure beats the “Use brush with no pen pressure to make a dot” type of thing.

The use of the vector layer comes with other nifty things like:

  • No decrease in quality while transforming
  • No 500px size limit
  • Playing with line thickness and distortion

So, I hope this comes in handy to a few of you!

You can make a Hexagon by using the Line Tool instead and turning the canvas 4 times each click. I’m sure you can do other things, but I haven’t figured those out yet.

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Sep 17,2014
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figuring out complicated designs in perspective doesnt have to make you mad so here is good tips to keep in mind. can be used for all kinds of things

Bloody brilliant. Thank you!

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Sep 17,2014
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Denying that women are a victimized class is simply wrong. What else would you call a segment of the population who are systematically discriminated against in school, work and politics? How would you describe a population whose bodies are objectified to the point of dehumanization? Women are harassed, attacked and sexually assaulted with alarming regularity in America and around the world, and now even more of them live in states where, if pregnant, they can be refused medical attention or arrested for refusing C-sections.

People who are on the shit end of oppression are oppressed. Accurately describing this is not a matter of politics, but of truth.

Feminism makes women ‘victims’? I think you’ve mistaken us for the sexists, my latest at the Guardian (responding to #WomenAgainstFeminism)

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Loaded Baked Potatoes Totchos

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transparent aojaku for you!

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Kingdom Hearts: At the End of the World.

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this will always be my favorite vine ever

I love this

Vines have become better and better

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clear fighting off baddies on your blog !

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I just finished making these. I’m not sure whether to sell them, or keep them for Reia. I guess I’ll see if anyone is interested :) 

They do look really lovely actually. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did get a lot of interest!

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